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CSN’s mission is to bring “CX Best Practice” to organisations, helping them to deliver better customer experiences, create a great place to work and, deliver world-class customer service, which all leads to improved business performance.

Our main activities focus on the Customer Experience, People Engagement and Process Excellence

We provide a range of CX solutions including, customer experience measurement, employee satisfaction measurement, journey mapping, service excellence audits and accreditation, CX training and process improvement.

Regional Partners of the

CX Consultancy

Our 25 years’ experience in helping organisations with their journey to Customer Service Excellence has resulted in the development of The CX Edge Model.

The CX Edge Model is a customer experience initiative designed to grow sales by improving the customer experience and customer satisfaction (Csat or Net Promoter Score® (NPS).

Increasing NPS® is proven to accelerate sales growth. Over a number of years we have shown we can make big gains in NPS® through great local customer service teams, despite many internal operational challenges. One of the main objectives of CX EDGE Model is to take best practice in customer service and share it across the organisation.

® Net Promoter Score, Net Promoter and NPS are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

CX Edge Model

This model builds on the six key strategies for improving
the customer experience.

CX Solutions

There are a range of services we can provide when supporting our customers in their pursuit of delivering customer excellence... but our actual solutions are tailored to where they are on their journey.

  • Customer Journey
    Understanding and visualising your company touchpoints through the eyes of a customer.

  • Customer/Employee Surveys
    UK and International customer feedback and analysis which forms the basis of CX strategy.

  • CX Training
    Enhancing skill levels at all operational levels through our onsite and online resources.

  • Professional Accreditation
    Supporting customers towards achieving the coveted International Standard (TISSE).

  • CX Strategy Partner
    With over 20 years of knowledge and experience, our consultative solutions plug in seemlessly to our customers’ CX Journey to further enhance and develop it.

Top 10 tips for CX

1. Every organisation is perfectly designed to deliver its current results.

If you want different results you must change the way you

2. Without Leadership, Leadership, Vision and Values you will fail!

3. Your People and Culture are as important as your financial results!

4. Following a CX model for success will help you on the journey to excellence!

5. Avoid inside out thinking, map the customer journey across every process!

6. Make it easy for customer to do business with you / how many of your customers transactions are perfect?

7. Measure your customer relationships and touchpoints, and develop customer care plans!

8. Always close the loop after asking for feedback! Follow – up and make it happen!

9. Benchmark your performance against best in class to drive continuous improvement!

10. CX is a profit centre not a cost. Always link CX to the bottom line!